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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear? There is no dress code. You will find that some parishioners dress up for Sunday services while others attend in jeans and t-shirts. Be comfortable and be yourself.

Where do I park? St. Mark's is situated on a spacious lot with ample free parking.

Where do I sit? Please feel free to sit in any available seat.

How do I participate? You’ll be greeted as you come in, handed a bulletin that will guide you through the service – no previous experience is necessary and there will always be someone nearby who will be able to help you or answer your questions.

What about the offering?  If you join us and would like to make an offering, you may choose to do so through this website or during the service. During this time of COVID-19 protocols, the offering plate can be found with the greeter at the main entrance. Envelopes are available for you to write down your name and address to receive a tax receipt. While financial giving is part of the life of faith, please do not feel pressured to make a donation.

Can I take Communion? Any baptized person is welcome to take Communion by receiving the bread and wine. At this time, we are receiving the bread only. The priest will receive both the bread and wine on behalf of the community while in the midst of pandemic. Our tradition considers receiving the bread receipt of communion in full. If you are not receiving Communion, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing from the priest, signalling this by crossing your arms in front of your body like an "x".

If you are interested in learning more about the Eucharist or are interested baptism, please reach out to Rev. Andra.

What about my kids?  St. Mark's offers Children's Church during the service. Each Sunday we share the Gospel with the children as you will hear during your service. Each session includes a prayer, a reflection or story followed by a craft or activity related to the Gospel. At key times throughout the year, like Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, they turn their attention to those special occasions. Each session starts at the beginning of the service, and the children return to receive Communion. 

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