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Recently we returned from Woodstock with a load of treasures for our fundraising sales.  With these donations we have had yard sales, rummage sales, Christmas Bazaar and most recently a dealer sale (someone who buys and resells).

As we moved the boxes, I noticed one labelled "new clothing" so I automatically pulled it out for the 2 schools we support, Ealing and Prince Charles.  Saying to Mary, "Let Kathy know we have stuff for the kids".  This is not new for us when we are sorting or moving our treasures to be looking for things we can share.  This past year Kathy has made multliply trips to the schools with numerous bags of new or nearly new clothing items for the kids who just need a little help and support.

What did surprise us was what Dave said about our "leftover" sale items. He explained how his daughter sorts through everything pulling out items for various agencies in our city. 

 On our behalf, Dundas United Church shares our items with:

  1. Good Samaritan Cupboard
  2. The Men's Mission
  3. The Cross Cultural Learner Centre
  4. My Sister's Place
  5. Rotholme Family Shelter
  6. London Coffee House
  7. ELUCO (Social worker for Marconi Blvd Family Housing)

and their own sales.

It is hard to believe the ripple affect that the donations we receive and share have in our community for people in need of a little support.

Thank you to everyone who helps from going to Woodstock, sorting items, day of the event and then repacking it all up.